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AIDIASTUDIO is a platform of experimental design in architecture, urbanism, photography and other creative disciplines. We work across scales and typologies from interiors to masterplans and strive always for specific responses with intricate and sophisticated beauty.


The term AIDIA is born as the transliteration of the english word idea [ahy-dee-uh, ahy-deeuh] into spanish and polish. 

Every project starts with a brainstorm of ideas but only the best one sifts through the creative process and materializes into the final product. In today’s multicultural world transliteration is a constant feature in written communication; it not only provides a means of access to a foreign script, it also helps marrying cultural traits, deconstructing terms and expanding our own vocabularies. 

In the transliteration of idea into AIDIA we also find a palindrome which is a word, phrase or number that reads the same forward or reversed. In design, palindromes can be translated into cyclical patterns or re-iterative loops. They can be simple diagrams or the source of incredible complexity.

Rolando Rodriguez-Leal

Architect I Co-Founder I Director


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Natalia Wrzask

Architect I Co-Founder I Director



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