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Beijing Coffee Shop

Type. Interior Design

Location. Beijing, China
Date. 2012
Client. Emily Coffee Company

Status. Built

Size. 68 sqm

Project Description.

Located in the upcoming district of Sanlitun the new branch of Emily Coffee Company features a combination of warm tones, and organic materials which seek to set a balanced stage for a rich coffee experience.

The design in centered around three elements; the adaptive wood skin in the perimeter of the shop, the lighting design and the choice of materials and colors palette for flooring, walls and counter.


The intention behind the wood skin is to blur the existing edges and corners to create a continuous, visually uninterrupted space. The driving shape behind the wood ribs stretches around the space and blends with the planes. The resulting wood grid provides shelving space for product advertisement and its depth enhances acoustics by absorbing excess of sound waves. All wood ribs were set out digitally and cut using CNC technology. The horizontal and vertical ribs have male and female sluts. This type of assembly minimizes the use of toxic adhesives and mechanical elements. 

The lighting design includes a combination of heavy duty industrial lamps for the main counter, led directional stage lights targeting the menu and products and vintage carbon filament bulbs for the sitting areas.

As for the materials, the floor tiles are 800 x 800 metallic glazed porcelain tiles. The main counter is mdf finished with white car paint and routed on fillets. The wood was harvested from recyclables sources in Heilang province in the North East of China.

Project Team: 
Rolando Rodriguez-Leal, Natalia Wrzask

All photographs copyright by AIDIASTUDIO.

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