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AIDIA STUDIO wins 2nd Prize in The Abu Dhabi Flamingo Tower Competition by Beebreeders

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

We are delighted to learn that we have won the 2nd Prize in the Open International Competition by Beebreeders with our Al Wathba Birdwalk project.

The Jury commented: "The 'Birdwalk" challenges the necessity for a single focal point of observation offered by a tower. Given flamingos' tendency to gather in large groups over large swaths of land, the Birdwalk instead offers an elongated and sheltered platform elevated to provide multiple vantage points over the shallow water bodies of the nature reserve. It is comprised of a modular system of concrete footings supporting prefabricated bamboo and oak rib profiles and decking, covered by a stretched and semi-transparent fabric. The construction system is minimally invasive and follows the topography of the landscape. Its various profiles provide for a range of different seating options and relationships with the ground. The jury considered this project to have extremely strong, clear graphic representation."

See the winners announcement under the link: Beebreeders.

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