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AIDIA STUDIO wins The Rifat Chadirji Prize 2019

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

We are delighted to learn that we have won 1st Place of The Rifat Chadirji Prize 2019 for the Barjeel Museum For Modern Art in Sharjah.

This is an annual thematic prize named after the prolific Iraqi architect and academic Dr Rifat Chadirji. Part of Tamayouz Excellence Award, the prize was held in partnership with Barjeel Art Foundation for its 2019 cycle. 

The Jury commented: “This project features elegant graphics and a beautifully thought-through analysis. It very cleverly interprets regional architectural, social and vernacular expressions. The roof, made of wood and based on a traditional Emirati weaving structure, generates a contemporary motif that naturally filters daylight and creates surprisingly high – and beautiful – semi-public spaces and landscapes, such as the sculpture route and walkway. The woven quality of the roof further allows the walls to be dynamic, as shade patterns created by the sun’s changing position during the day dances across them. The walls therefore become a festive skin. 

“Also, while the tower appears introverted, a corner boundary wall that is half-height opens the building to the surrounding context. This offers an element of respect and makes the building less intimidating.

“The contemporary reinterpretation and form of the original barjeel is also very successful. The design has a very consistent choice of materials in which the raw stone of the base has a strong connection with the landscape structure – it almost looks like a quarry where the spaces have been carved out. The light, transparent wooden structure gives the whole project a light-footed refinement. Behind the choice of materials there is also a well-thought-out installation concept.”

See more details as well as jury comments under the link Tamayouz Excellence Award.

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