Wangjing SOHO

Architect. Zaha Hadid Architects

Function. Senior Architect: Natalia Wrzask

Type. Architecture, Mixed Use Building

Location. Beijing, China
Date. 2011-2013
Client. SOHO China

Status. Built

Size. 521,265 sqm

Project Description.

Wanjing SOHO is a mixed-use development consisting of three curved and tapered towers described as "three interweaving mountains". The tallest and most slender is 200 metres high, while the other two are slightly broader, with heights of 127 and 118 metres. They frame a series of new public spaces designed to serve the buildings' occupants and the local neighbourhood, including landscaped gardens, a central plaza and a park. 


The design responds to the flows of the city and allows natural daylight into each building from all directions. The juxtaposition of the tower's fluid forms continuously changes when viewed from different directions; appearing as individual buildings in some views, or as a connected ensemble in others. Externally, the buildings are wrapped in ribbons of white aluminium that break the glazing up into narrow horizontal stripes. These provide solar shading, but also form ledges that help facilitate the building's maintenance. The ground-floor level and the storeys immediately above and below contain a shopping centre.

An insulated glazing system was selected to reduce the building's energy use, but employees are able to open and close their windows to control the level of natural ventilation. Other sustainable initiatives include energy-monitoring systems, grey-water reuse and air-sourced heat pumps.

Natalia joined the project at detail development stage and followed it through construction. She was in charge of the package coordination of the office interiors as well as the retail area.

Senior Architect: 
Natalia Wrzask

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