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360 Green

Type. Architecture, Residential

Location. Lima, Peru
Date. 2009
Client. Competition

Status. Concept Design

Size. 20,000 sqm

Project Description.

Located in the exclusive district of Cerro de Camacho in the Peruvian capital the project comprises 32 luxury loft apartments in eight buildings. The buildings are split in two tower typologies: type A has two lateral adjacencies and type B is placed at the end of each row.


To tackle the requirements without compromising on privacy or views we designed the buildings as a series of unfolding “S” envelopes unfolding across the steep terrain and housing one apartment per floor. The open side of the “S” hosts the bedrooms while the closed one clusters kitchen, laundry room and services. The “S” diagram guarantees privacy and avoids cross views between apartments at any given level. 


The 400 sqm internal distribution revolves around a central light well providing natural light for kitchen and internal circulations. Living and dining room have access to a terrace with unparalleled views to the golf course down in the valley. Public areas include a roof top with swimming lane, spa and gymnasium.

Project Team: 
Rolando Rodriguez-Leal, Natalia Wrzask, Joaquin Millan

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