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Urban Park Quintana Roo

Type. Masterplan, Civic, Sports

Location. Chetumal, Othón P. Blanco, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Client. SEDATU

Status. Under Construction

Plot Size. 214,471.67 sqm

Construction Area. 39,645.78sqm

Project Description.

The project of the Quintana Roo Park was initiated as part of the Uban Improvement Program for the municipality of Othón P.Blanco. The project located 5 minutes from the centre of Chetumal will provide the residents with quality public and green spaces.


The flowing landscapes and paths circle around a Civic Plaza and four circular open-air buildings: the Arena used for concerts and sport events, the multifunctional Pavilion that can hold a variety of events and exhibitions, the Canchas building hosting two multipurpose sports fields as well as a smaller commercial building for food & beverage needs. Additionally, to the program above the project will be the new headquarters of ExpoFer, a cultural event with decades of tradition that takes place annually in the city of Chetumal and receives visitors from all the municipalities of the state who come to show their livestock and craft production. Having this in mind, all the buildings within the project needed to be easily adaptable to a variety of functions.


The concept of the masterplan derived from the tension between the entrance plaza and the four main buildings. The park starts on the South side of the plot where the visitors are first welcomed with a Civic Plaza. The plaza composes of eleven symbolic petals where eleven Ceiba trees are placed representing each municipality of Quintana Roo. The natural stone walls embrace the plaza and provide a surface for future exhibitions. Surrounding benches and small sunken plazas provide contemplation and gathering zones. Passing the plaza the flow of petal shaped landscape adapts itself to hardscape, softscape and vegetation patches. The flow guides the visitors to different buildings and points of interest. The whole composition is famed by the vehicular circulation with perimeter parking, creating a car free public space for the residence of Chetumal. The complex also provides cycle paths and trails to practice sport activities as well as a world class skatepark.


The low-density of the focuses on preserving as much natural green areas as possible. This is important due to the extreme heat and humidity in the region. For the same reason all the materials of the plazas and buildings have light beige tones to match the natural limestone of the region. The lightweight metal structures of the buildings twist playfully adding its own flow to the project. The rhythm of the slim, olive-green columns as well as the waving wooden details blend into the surrounding forest while the tiled roof finish provides shelter from heavy rain. The walls of the radial buildings play with a brick pattern to add texture and provide openings for increased airflow and natural ventilation. All buildings are designed to be modular for cost efficiency and to help with the construction processes.

Project Team: 

Architects: AIDIA STUDIO

Design: Rolando Rodriguez-Leal, Natalia Wrzask

Lead Architect: Jose Luis Mulás

Project Team: Mariano González, Nitze Magaña, Aranzazu Sánchez, Mauricio Santibáñez, Cecilia Simón, Emilio Vásquez, Rodrigo Wulf

Structural Engineering: Project & Calc

All images copyright by AIDIASTUDIO

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